rainbow make cosmetic bag charming

If the rainbow bright colors aren’t your style, but you like the pattern, there are other color variations available as well, from the sites listed below.

I think the it is a a gorgeous cosmetic bag, but it needs to be wore with care. I envision it being paired with something simple, like a black dress or black pants and a white top or any other neutral background that would showcase the bright colors nicely.

Now I am someone who likes bright, bold colors, but this PVC bag is the really out there! When I first laid eyes on the cosmetic bag, I think my jaw dropped a little. This cosmetic bag features an incomplete rainbow, incorporating warm and cool colors from opposite sides of the spectrum. I love the yellows, oranges, and reds on the flap. They almost have a molten or flame look to them. At the same time, the blues on the body are quite soothing. More interesting, however, is the layering effect created by the stacked pieces of leather. The depth it creates only increases the beauty.

When it comes to determining a woman’s innate charm, nothing is more telling that the cosmetic bag she carries. This is what  Derek believes and, in a way, it is true. You can definitely tell a lot about someone by the accessories they choose. So what does this tell us about this designer? Just looking at the cosmetic bag she creates, I would guess that she isn’t shy at all when it comes to her style. Just take a look at this very bright and very bold handbag. Take a moment and discover the unique.

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