designer pvc bag cosmetic bag

In case you haven’t already guessed, I found this piece rather fascinating because it features aPVC bag design on the front. I remember when cosmetic bag charms and key chains were all the rage. But this is different. It isn’t a real fox tail, but a leather cutout dangling from the bottom of thehandbag. It’s different and I love it! I especially love the contrasting white tip on the end too. Overall, the pvc bag is a very cute little bag. I can see it fitting in wherever a playful motif is desired.

While combing over the various styles currently available by designer, one in particular really stood out to me. Take a moment and discover the designer cosmetic bag!

I am almost ashamed to admit that I have never heard of designer. But when I came across some pieces from this designer today, I was intrigued. I did a little investigating and discovered that this designer is pretty young (born in 1989) and he graduated from theRoyalFashionAcademyofAntwerpin 2011. He is already well-known for his visually unique and emotional work which explores the line between masculine and feminine. Through his eponymous label, he has perfected his signature style which features vegetable tanned leather and brass hardware. Okay, and the signature double bow isn’t too bad either.

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